"The collaboration between Etelä-Suomen Sanomat and Dipinto has worked excellently. Due to briefing and dialogs with the illustrator and sketches we get exactly the kind of illustrations we wish for, and the illustration are always ready by the deadline."

Janne Laakkonen
Chief of Visual Journalism
Mediatalo ESA

"A couple f years ago I saw a caricature of our cabinet member Lasse Norres. I immediatelly went to ask Petteri, who had made the picture, what he would think about making illustrations for Vantaan Yrittäjät (The Federation of Enterprises in Vantaa). At that time I din’t know more than that there was something interesting about Petteri’s style.

Since then Petteri has illustrated the covers of our magazine. The way of acting has been ingenious and above all has the result been desired. We have via e-mail or by phone described the theme of which we would like a picture. Based on that, Petteri has made a sketch. In most cases it has been ok at once. When we have asked for changes in the sketch, even they have been made qickly. Everything has always been ready by the deadline.

Anja and Petteri are actively participating in the events organized by Vantaan Yrittäjät. Sometimes even their children are with them. I think that the future of the entrepreneurs is secured when hardworking and happy people like them are as entrepreneurs and as our members.

We have already been collaborating for some years. We are pleased with that."

Esa Mänttäri
Managing Director

Vantaan Yrittäjät ry

"EKS-instituutti has developed a handbook, ”Kohderyhmäkehittäjä” (”Target group developer”), for small and medium sized businesses and it consists of 12 educational modules. The planning of a separate module is very difficult because entrepreneurs should be encouraged to use a new method for economic growth. This requires about 60 examples and 80 graphical illustrations.

We can say about Taidepalvelu Dipinto Oy that it is hard to find a better companion. It is easy to work with Anja and Petteri, and they are both very helpful in everything.

We have been especially suprized about the high responsibility that Taidepalvelu Dipinto Oy has towards every detail. We are highly thankful for this because they have corrected even our mistakes. This has saved us both effort, time and money. High-quality pictures have been made based on rough graphical sketches.

We can´t complain of the costs either. The price and quality has been ideal. We have been very satisfied with the work and can with good conscience recommend Taidepalvelu Dipinto Oy."

Bruno Lange