Illustrations for mugs, 2019

Petteri Mattila's illustrations for mugs for Studio Ruusu.
Ads and photos by Marja Ruusu / Studio Ruusu.

Sankaritarinoita kaikille - illustrations, 2019

Into kustannus released a new book to their series of hero stories on Aug. 15th, 2019. Even in this book there are some illustrations made by Petteri Mattila.

The Arboretum in Nikkilä, 2018

In Nikkilä in Sipoo they made an Arboretum to honour Finlands 100th birthday and very child born in Sipoo during the year 2017 got an own tree if they wanted.

We at Taidepalvelu Dipinto Oy med a big map of the area and small signs for each tree, where there is information of the tree species and eventually the name of the child who's tree it is.

The map and the small signs (that are more than 100!) can now be found at the Arboretum area in Nikkilä. The trees were planted during the summer 2018.

On the map and on the signs there is also the wolf "Sibbe" that maybe many are already familiar with. "Sibbe" is also designed by us.

WWF stamp series "Endangered Species 2"

The new stamp series "Endangered Species 2" that was made in collaboration with WWF was released on 28/2/2018. The stamps, the stamp booklet, the First Day Cover and the First Day stamp are all designed and illustrated by Petter Mattila

You can buy stamps and covers from Posti Ltd:s webshop here.

The "Endangered Species 1" stamp series you can find in our picture gallery or here.

Illustrations for all occasions!